Hang on I’ve got this great idea: go grab a cup of coffee (and maybe a bowl of cereal – I’m kind of partial to those Belgian chocolate Crunchy Bites from Nature’s Source) and then get comfortable to watch 15 minutes of gameplay from The Last of Us.

This footage comes out of the recent Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) from last weekend. Technically speaking, we’ve seen this section of the game before as it was demoed during E3 earlier this year. That’s not an issue seeing as how the person driving this demo goes about navigating this section of the game very differently. It’s also twice as long as the E3 demo so there’s plenty of new stuff to see. If anything, the repeated section is a testament to the game’s less linear approach (when compared to previous offerings like the Uncharted series).

Naughty Dog’s next big thing is out during the first half of 2013. Got your coffee yet? Good – hit the jump.


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