So I’m just about hopping all over the place today. Previous attempts at securing transport to the expo were fruitless. I can’t fly anymore, because its tremendously expensive. Trains were a great idea when I could still get on them, but I didn’t buy tickets in time and it looks like just about everyone wants to travel on them in October (which would have made buying tickets impossible anyway). So I called the Intercape offices today, got myself and my brother the best seats in the house and I’m officially on the way next month to my first-ever rAge expo!

Why sit on top and in front when you can be closer to the real action?

So, why am I going? Aside from the fact that its the closest thing we’ll get to E3 or that its organised by the only gaming magazine in the world worth reading? Well, there’s tons of hardware, of course.

I’ll be tracking all the different hardware popping up at the expo and giving you a blow-by-blow account of what’s happening as the weekend progresses. I’ll be attending whatever press events there are of interest and taking pictures of everything drool-worthy that I see. For those of you who can’t touch or see any of this in person, I’ll be bringing it straight to your screen. For those of you who are there, I’ll be editing this map for your benefit:

By now a good number of the stands arhave been booked and a lot of them will be hardware related. Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding in a prescribed route for hardware fundis to take over the weekend. Not too much to take in, not too little, just the right amount of drool-worthy stuff to saturate your senses while you deviate here and there to play some of the awesome games on show.

And in the middle of all this craziness and confusion, there’s the NAG LAN, if you’ve been lucky enough to find a few tickets. For those of you going for the first time, we have a great thread on the forums all about what you’ll need and what kind of LAN games you can pack on your hard drive to keep you occupied. If you’ll be attending the LAN, you’ll want to be prepared.

As for when I’m at the expo, I’ll bring some of the best things that I find there. Food, hardware, more food and maybe some booth babes aside from the gallery that’ll be going up at the same time. And you can check it all out via my Twitter feed, the Facebook group or right here on NAG Online, where I’ll be updating everything as it happens. If you find me while I’m scurrying around in half-mad joy, come and say Hi. I don’t bite, or at least I’ve yet to bite anyone.

So who’s coming and who will be at the LAN? Hit us up in the comments and forums and let us know what you’re looking forward to. I have a feeling this will be the best one yet.

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