If you want a nugget of local gaming goodness, you can’t go wrong with Broforce. Developed by a South African company called FreeLives, the game is a retro-style action-platformer with loads of goofy weapons, completely over-the-top violence and amusing homages to action heroes of the last two decades.

Broforce tasks the player with penetrating a terrorist cell in a remote jungle location. A character, or Bro, is randomly chosen at startup and will resemble a line-up of recognizable action personalities such as Blade, Judge Dredd, Rambo, John McCain, Snake, Mr. T and others. Each Bro has a unique primary and secondary weapon, such as Agent J’s Noisy Cricket and Blade’s sword. Weapons are extremely powerful, meaning big explosions with buckets of gore are to be expected. Much of the scenery is also destructible, allowing for the player to create alternative routes, blast platforms away from under the enemies, or just wreak havoc like a raging madman.

Your enemies are also armed with an impressive arsenal of weapons and certainly won’t hesitate to make quick work of the heroes. Broforce is littered with suicide bombers and hulking monstrosities with chainguns. They don’t appear to be particularly intelligent and they’ll occasionally indulge in friendly fire and other methods of carelessness, but make no mistake that they’re still a solid threat. In fact, the game’s difficulty gets turned up quite a few notches from the fifth level upwards due to the insurgence of multiple, tough foes.

Scattered around the levels are hostages in cages. Freeing one grants the player an extra life or resurrects a dead player in a two-player game. This also means that the player’s Bro is randomly changed, creating more madness in an already chaotic game and adding some diversity to the mix.

There are a few minor issues. There is no way to customize the controls and the balance and difficulty definitely needs to be tweaked. Being able to shoot upwards and better physics for the grenades will also go a long way to making the experience all the more enjoyable.

That being said, Broforce is still an early prototype and the complaints are honestly minor. It’s a mindless blast that’s tons of fun and quite addictive. The graphics, the sound, the presentation… it’s all perfect, and if you can get another player to join in on the action, it’s all the more fun for the sheer insanity. If you want to support local developers, vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Snag the playable demo here. Unfortunately, it’s Windows-only.

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