Well, here’s a thing. Courtesy of the wonderful inhabitants of Nu Metro, we’ve got our hands on ten copies of MotoGP documentary Fastest to give away to ten lucky readers.

Head past the break for more details, and a breakdown of what you can expect from the movie.

Seeing as how we’ve not seen the movie, we’ll let people who know better than us describe what it is:


FASTEST is the sequel to Mark Neale’s global hit FASTER, the award-winning 2004 MotoGP documentary which blazed the trail for big-screen, character-based motorsport movies such as SENNA and TT3D: Closer To The Edge.

Shot around the world in 2010 and early 2011, FASTEST distills the thrilling, terrifying reality of the MotoGP world championship into a maximum-speed, full-length documentary feature film

FASTEST captures a pivotal moment in the sport. Chasing his tenth world title, the legendary Valentino Ross runs into the toughest challenge of his life: a wave of ferociously fast young riders, a horrific, leg-shattering crash at the Italian grand prix, an agonizing comeback forty-one days later in Germany, and the question every rider – even the greatest of all time – must face.

Who’s fastest now?

FASTEST is about fighting. Riders fighting to be fastest, fighting to win, fighting with the machine, fighting for control, fighting with their rivals, physically and psychologically. Fighting in eighteen races over eight months on four continents. Fighting with extreme weather conditions, from suffocating heat to torrential rain. Fighting with their fear, their mortality, struggling with injury, fighting to keep their ride, to prove they can do it. And risking everything when they have to. Moments of heroic recklessness, of over-the-limit madness which could go either way. Because if you want to win it all, you have to risk it all.

FASTEST. The greatest feeling. The greatest risk.”

Also, it’s narrated by Obi-Wan Kenobi! Well, Ewan McGregor, but still. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below.

Please note that this competition is open to South African residents only.

And now, a packshot!

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