Sure, you could have been doing this for weeks already, scribbling little notes in your school books or office files, dreaming about the loot you’re going to unearth as you slaughter your way through the wastes of Pandora. Your notes, however, would have been based on speculation and snippets of information found scattered across the vast and inhospitable plains of the Internet.

Sure, you might know that Axton has the ability to deploy a Scorpio Turret 2.0 and that he can also unlock a skill that allows that turret to detonate a mini nuclear device upon deployment, but at what level would that particular skill unlock and in which of the three skill trees does it appear? (Tip: it’s in the “Gunpowder” skill tree and you’d need to be at least a level 31 before you can unlock it.)

Sure, (third time, really?) you might think you know exactly the kind of character you’re going to make, but the truth is there are so many skills to pick and combinations to come up with, that you’re probably going to be obsessing over this stuff when the game comes out. Or you could just obsess about it now, because Gearbox has uploaded all of the skill trees for all four characters. Work productivity on a Monday? What’s that?

If you head over to the official Borderlands 2 website, you’ll see that the Characters section has been given a little update. The skill trees are interactive, meaning you’ll be able to assign skills for your imaginary build for whichever character you’re going to play as. Me? I’m all about Axton and that demure little Scorpio Turret of his. I got to play some Borderlands 2 at Gamescom recently, where I cackled with glee whenever my Scorpio Turret would deploy to the thunderous roar of a mini thermo-nuclear device. This is such a subtle IP, isn’t it?

Source: Gearbox Forums

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