Over the weekend, it was reported that thousands of Guild Wars 2 accounts had been hacked. Developer ArenaNet has now confirmed that as many as 11, 000 player accounts have experienced “hacked and blocking issues” thanks to hackers probing the Guild Wars 2 servers.

According to ArenaNet, hackers have been using stolen email addresses and linked passwords to try to breach Guild Wars 2 accounts. The stolen details are from other online services, websites and games – they are NOT from ArenaNet’s servers so Guild Wars servers themselves have not been hacked. Those hackers gaining entry to player accounts have been using them to harvest gold and spam the servers.

If you have had your online details stolen in the past (perhaps you were one of the millions who had email addresses and passwords stolen during the PlayStation Network hacks?) and you have used the same email address and password for your Guild Wars 2 account, then you need to fix that. If you log in and find that your account has been banned, then it’s likely you’ve been hacked. If so, you can head over to this support page for help on how to fix things.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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