Squeee! Borderlands 2 is out next week Friday! I can already smell the gunpowder billowing out of the mountains of guns we’ll be looting. I can already taste the pink mist and fine brain splatter jettisoned from freshly perforated skag heads. Can you hear the screeching of scurrying psycho midgets? I love those guys.

I should probably get around pre-ordering, mainly because I want the Mechromancer class. Gearbox has just formally introduced the red-headed lass, and her name is Gaige. Smile and wave! Or she’ll get Deathtrap to punch you in the junk.

We already knew that Gaige would be the fifth player class and that her action skill would grant her the ability to unleash a robot called Deathtrap (or D374-TP), but this is the first time we’ve learnt her name. On top of that, Gearbox has finalised Gaige’s appearance and finished up her skill tree.

At Gamescom, we got to see the Mechromancer in action – this was the first time the class had been shown to anybody outside of Gearbox, and what we saw was definitely still a work in progress as there were big gaps in Gaige’s skill trees and she was missing textures. Still, the bits that we did see were really awesome.

We were able to see two sections of Gaige’s skill trees. The one was called Best Friends Forever, which adds upgrades and abilities to Deathtrap – such as “Explosive Clap”, which pretty much does exactly what it sounds like it should. Another skill tree is called Ordered Chaos, and that contains skills like “Close Enough”, which gives a percentage chance for all bullets that miss a target, to ricochet of walls to hit a target instead.

If you don’t pre-order Borderlands 2, then you’ll still be able to download Gaige 16 October for 800 MS Points or $9.99 on PC or PlayStation 3. Alternatively she’ll be yours for free if you pre-order.

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