It’s a Barbarian called Alkaizer. The player driving Alkaizer is also the first person in the world to hit Paragon level 100, the absolute maximum character level in Diablo III. Well, until Blizzard adds another layer of character levels to grind through, I guess. Anyway, it took Alkaizer the Barbarian a whole lot of killing to reach that level; he decimated 95, 641 elites alone.  The player profile has over 1.8 million lifetime kills. I’m not sure whether this amazes me or fills me with deep-seated feelings of inadequacy.

It took around three weeks for Alkaizer to hit the new ceiling of Diablo III. The Paragon level increases have boosted his Gold Find and Magic Find by 300% which makes a severe difference, because the guy has some amazing equipment, not the least of which is the complete Immortal King’s armour set. Then there’s his sword, the Blade of the Warlord, which is a Legendary item with 1097.7 damage per second. This all contributes towards Alkaizer’s overall dps amount of 63, 905.

Yesterday I got excited about my Wizard making it half way to level 60. Yep, there’s that inadequacy again. You can check out Alkaizer’s character page with all of its glorious equipment, right over here. And in case you were wondering how much XP it takes to reach Paragon level 100, it’s over 3 billion.

Source: PC Gamer

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