American McGee is making an action RPG called Akaneiro: Demon Hunter. The game is based on Little Red Riding Hood, but it’s set in Edo Period Japan. Red Riding Hood isn’t some lame little girl delivering goodies to an ailing geriatric. This version of Red Riding Hood wouldn’t think twice before impaling a Big Bad Wolf on the end of a spear. She’d then probably eat the wolf’s still-beating heart and possibly roll around in his entrails, but I might be taking liberties here.

In McGee’s upcoming title, Red Riding Hood (known as The Red Hunter) is actually part of some demon killing group of ninjas. The game looks like it’s set to tick all the correct ARPG boxes, with loads of clicking, loot drops, skills and unlocks.

The game will take place across eight different areas with a total of 24 missions. After the jump is the first footage of the game in action. It’s looking pretty good so far – got to love that hand-painted feel it’s got going on.


Akaneiro: Demon Hunter is going to be a free-to-play title (yeah, that has me concerned as well) and it’ll be coming to PC, tablets and Facebook (shudder). You can register for the beta over on the official website.

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