So Apple’s iPhone 5 launch is just minutes away and I’ll be bringing you some semi-live coverage straight to your monitor without you even being there!. Make sure you keep this post or the NAG landing site in your tabs and refresh every minute or so, there’ll be a flurry of new stuff to look at and reveal. All aboard!


Its also so very strange to not see Steve Jobs on the stage with his “One more thing…” address at the end of his keynote. Very strange feeling indeed.

08:50: And that looks like the end of it. Obviously everyone else at the event will be doing some hands-on stuff and I’ll bring you some of that tomorrow. I’m disappointed with the fact that there’s no iPad Mini reveal, but I guess there’s a time and place for everything. A lot of what we saw was wasn’t new, but the iPod family update wasn’t anything like I expected. I’m definitely looking forward to playing around with an iPhone 5 once I find someone who gets one, or if a nearby Cell C store has the brains to put one out on display.

Playing “Times like these”.

08:42: Looks like things are being wrapped up now. Looks like the Foo Fighters will perform for the gathered crowd in the conference hall.

08:40: The new iPods will be available on October, with a special family of red-coloured units available slightly later than the October availability.

08:39: Prices aren’t too bad, I must admit. But then again, Apple’s always released their hardware at the same or higher prices year-on-year.

08:37: Earpods will be available immediately as a separate accessory. We won’t get it immediately :-/

Puts out both treble and base through two separate speakers.

08:35: The earphones that come with Apple devices have now been redesigned for comfort and better sound quality. Coming from a deaf person who likes the original earphones, this must be made of magic.

08:33: The Shuffle also gets the same colour refresh as well.

08:30: See that circle? Its button that you can press to attach an optional wrist strap to the iPod Touch. Apple is really pushing this as a portable, capable replacement to your regular point-and-shoot cameras. The rest of the device features the same Wi-Fi connectivity as the iPhone, as well as the same Bluetooth enhancements and front-facing Facetime camera.

08:27: Battery life is at 40 hours of continuous playback. The iPod Touch now also features the same camera enhancements found in the iPhone 5, but with resolution limited to 5MP. Its possible that it uses the same internals as the iPhone 5, but limits resolution artificially through software.

08:25: And now there’s some game demos happening. I wonder, with the new iPods being shown here as well, will an iPad Mini be involved in today’s conference?

08:22: The iPod Touch is the same as the iPhone 5 with the same Retina display and uses the same Apple A5 chip as found in the new iPad, also a dual-core chip.

08:21: Wireless connectivity is handled via Bluetooth 4.0. Battery life is around 30 hours of constant playback.

08:20: There’s now also a built-in pedometer and fitness app.

08:18: Also available in seven colours, with the wallpaper matching the device’s colour. Integrated FM radio as well, and there’s also widescreen video support.

08:17: There’s a new Nano! My, my, it does look pretty. 2.5″ display, multi-touch capable and thinner than previous devices.

08:15: Time to talk about iPods? Hmmmm. Over 350 million iPods sold since its release ages ago.

08:12: The Mini=iPlayer, now with integrated search. If you watch a movie on your iPad, you can pause and resume watching the same movie on your iPhone or iMac or Macbook. That’s pretty neat.

08:08: iTunes now makes recommendations based on the artists and types of music you listen to frequently. Creating and accessing your playlists looks less of a chore now. The player will now also let you know what song is playing next in your playlist. Useful for skipping the metal or embarrassing stuff while you’re having tea with the Queen.

08:07: Great, there’s a new iTunes version available. Will it be as slow as its always been in previous times on Windows?

08:05: iTunes now changes, available in 63 countries worldwide (I looked for our flag, couldn’t find it). There are now “Facebook Like” links on the pages within iTunes and there’s also sharing over Twitter. One-click ordering is enabled by default (cue the adults with kids groaning).

8:01: The iPhone 5 will be selling from the 14th in stores across the US. European countries will follow on the 21st of this month along with Brazil. We’ll get it whenever out network providers finish with their long, ludicrously tedious testing.

8:00 Available in 16, 32 and 64GB sizes.

07:59: Pricing is the same as the iPhone 4s in US and European markets.

07:57: There’s now a video showing (that I obviously can’t see) showing off some of the manufacturing processes needed to assemble and create the iPhone 5’s chassis. Look at how huge that battery is!

07:51: There is a white and black variation, both of which will be available on launch.

07:50: Siri now can also post on your behalf to Facebook. Great, now you have an AI doing your social networking for you. We’re getting closer and closer to Skynet at the rate we’re going.

07:49: Siri now does more. Answers sports-related questions and queries about movies and actors. Also does movie recommendation and settles any argument that has an element you can search for. Also does restaurant reservations, provided they actually check their e-mail or have some web element that works with Siri.

07:47: If you take new photos, they’re now loaded into your Photo Stream and shared automatically with friends and social networks. Easily allows the iPhone 5 to now match Windows Phone 8 in those silly “take a picture and post to Facebook” contests.

07:46: Apple’s Passbook now also puts all your tickets and passes in one convenient location. If you’re flying, iOS puts your boarding pass on your lock screen minutes before you’re moving to the departure zone.

07:44: There’s a new “Post to Facebook” option inside iOS in the notification pull-down bar. Safari can now go into full-screen mode. There’s more of your e-mail in Mail, too.

07:43: Maps is also improved in iOS6. Now vector-based, just like Nokia Drive. Also with turn-by-turn free navigation, like Nokia drive. And a flyover mode, like Microsoft maps. Err….

07:42: There will also be an adapter, in case you lose the cable or want to plug your new iPhone into older docks and stands.

07:41: That’s the new connector, replacing the old 30-pin one. Loads of new gadgets and docks for you to buy, then.

07:40: “Thunder and Lightning, its very, very frightening!….”

07:39: There’s now noise cancellation using dual microphones and the speakers are now better placed and made to sound better, not more louder.

07:37: Video has been improved, now at 1080p resolution with 30fps framerate. Front-facing camera for Facetime is now 720p as well, backside illumination included.

07:35: There’s now also a built-in Panorama view on the Camera app. Instead of taking several snaps and melding them together, the camera shoots a small video and then splices the photos together.

Purportedly a iPhone 5 camera sample.

07:32: “New image signal processor built into A6 chip. Spatial noise reduction can remove noise, a smart filter looks at image before ISP does noise reduction and figures out which areas should be uniform color or texture, there’s better low-light performance, and faster photo capture. Now 40% faster.” Now don’t get me wrong, but does that mean Apple’s doing more post-processing, as compared to Nokia’s PureView tech simply capturing in as much detail as possible?

07:30: The camera remains at 8MP with flash. A f/2.4 aperture puts it lower than the Lumia Pureview with regards to light levels.

07:28: Battery life was another consideration coming from the iPhone 4. They’ve apparently not only matched but exceeded battery life of 4S. 8 hours of 3G talk time and browsing, and LTE browsing, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video, 40 hours of music, 225 hours of standby time.

07:27: EA’s Rob Murray takes to the stage and talks about how games on the iPhone will be better, also demoes Real Racing 3. There will also be a delayed-time multiplayer, where you can challenge a rival one day and meet up for the race at a later time.

07: 25: Apple’s A6 processor is said to be twice as fast for both the graphics and CPU cores, takes up 22% less space.

07:24: A “dynamic antennae?” Please tell me they’ve learned from the iPhone 4 that this won’t work unless they coat the metal properly to avoid shorting with your hand.

07:22: Looks like there’s quad-band 3G built into the phone as well as full LTE support. Dooes this mean the iPhone is now able to go anywhere in the world?

07:20: It looks like touch sensors are built into the screen itself, thinning out the device. The screen apparently also supports the full sRGB colour gamut, something only seen on high-end IPS displays for professional use.

07:18: The resolution affects all the apps, but iOS benefits from the extra real estate. Apps available on the App store that haven’t been updated have black bars running lengthwise on the screen, so you don’t realise its not to scale. In portrait, bars appear on the top and bottom, with the app in question centered.

07:17: “iPhone 5 has a Retina display of 326ppi, and it’s stunning. Every iPhone to date has had a 3.5″ screen, and the new one has a 4″ screen and 1136×640 resolution. ”

7.6mm thin, 18% thinner than the iPhone 4S. World’s thinnest smartphone. Also weighs 112 grams, 20% lighter than 4S. Volumetrically, it’s smaller as well

07:15: “Made entirely of glass and aluminum. Designed and built to an exacting level of standard, unlike anything anyone in the industry has made before.”

07:14: And the new iPhone pops out of a hidden stand on the stage, rotates and waves to the crowd.

07: 13: Now Phil Schiller takes to the stand to reveal the iPhone 5.

07:11: Some of the quoted figures concerning the App store leave me puzzled. Does anyone really use around 100 apps?

07:07: “Over 84 million iPad’s have been sold since the first-generation release.”

07:06: “Notebooks also rank #1 in the most profitable of any market in the US.”

07:05: “More than seven million copies of OS X Mountain Lion have been downloaded.”

07:04: “Apple stores are now located in 13 countries thanks to the addition of stores in Sweden.”

07:03: Cook discussed some details about a new Apple store in Barcelona, about how they perfected the small details.

07:00: “Thank you for coming this morning, we’ve got some really cool stuff to show you. It’s an amazing time at an Apple, an extraordinary time.”

07:00: Tim Cook takes the stage, the crowd begins to settle.

06:56: We’re less than five minutes away from the launch to start and I’m hoping my internet connection doesn’t die.

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