Even though, technically speaking, they’re not new to the franchise, this will be the first time we as players get to go face-to-face with the Forerunners. Developer 343 Industries are the new kids on the block for the Halo series. Sure, they’ve been running the Reach servers and developing map packs, and they were involved in the re-released anniversary edition of Halo, but Halo 4 is the team’s first, wholly developer Halo game.

They’re taking their job incredibly seriously. The Halo universe is utterly adored by millions of people across the planet, so they certainly have their work cut out for them. The fact that they’re introducing an enemy that’s been alluded to in numerous Halo titles before is a ballsy move. I salute their bravery, because we all know science-fiction fans can be pretty unforgiving of people who meddle with universes.

Judging by this new developer diary, 343 Industries is doing a stellar job of expanding the universe. The Forerunner designs are looking great, and in this 10 minute clip you’ll get a good insight into how they went about developing this race known as the Prometheans. I’ve got to admit, this is the first time I’ve been excited for Halo 4, and it’s all thanks to this dev diary.


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