Nintendo has just finished off their press conference in Tokyo, where they finally announced the release date and pricing for the Japanese launch of their new console. The console will come in two flavours: the Basic edition and the Premium edition.

The Basic will ship with the console, a new GamePad controller and 8GB of flash memory. The Premium will include an HDMI cable, a charging cradle for your GamePad and 32GB of flash memory. The Premium will also ship with a Nintendo Network Premium subscription, which is kind of like a loyalty membership that grants access to discounts on downloadable titles. Both editions launch on 08 December in Japan. The Basic costs ¥26, 250 (which is about R2, 800) and the Premium costs ¥31, 500 (or about R3, 370). Both systems will have 2GB of memory: 1GB for games and 1GB for system software.

Later this afternoon, Nintendo Europe will be hosting their own Wii U conference, where you can expect EU release dates and pricing. South Africa normally follows EU releases so the information provided this afternoon will probably be closer to what we can expect in our country.

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