Last year, developer Gearbox went on a fan-pleasing rampage. Not only did they help a couple get engaged by animating a Claptrap proposal video for them (check that out here), but they also announced that they would be immortalising a fan by the name of Michael John Mamaril.

Michael passed away from cancer last year, but his friend and fellow vault raider Carlo emailed Gearbox to ask them whether Claptrap could read out a eulogy for the funeral. Gearbox did one better: on top of recording a Claptrap eulogy for Michael, they vowed to immortalise the late Borderlands fan by turning him into an NPC for Borderlands 2.

Now that the game is mere days away from release, Gearbox has revealed just how Michael’s NPC has been implemented. The NPC will be found somewhere in Sanctuary (the first hub town we’ll find ourselves in at the start of Borderlands 2) and he’ll give you an item of loot with a blue rarity or better each time you meet him. You’ll also get an achievement entitled “Tribute to a Vault Hunter” when you encounter Michael’s NPC for the first time.

Ok Gearbox, I love you even more now and I forgive you for releasing Duke Nukem Forever… I forgive you.

Source: Destructoid

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