In an interview with IGN, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford said that he would like to make another Duke Nukem game.

“I willingly and lovingly acquired the brand. When I did that, I wasn’t thinking that the only goal is just to make sure everyone could play Duke Nukem Forever,” before commenting that “the real goal for me is I’d like to build a Duke Nukem game again.”

This wouldn’t be the worst news ever, if only DNF hadn’t been arguably the video game industry’s greatest disappointment of all time. But then again, maybe Gearbox deserves another shot at the iconic franchise. There is no doubting the developer’s ability to make great games, given the success of Borderlands.

Pitchford said, “I’m much happier living in a world where Duke is alive and not dead” and went on to say that in regards to a Duke Nukem Forever sequel, “I think what I would do and what Gearbox would do would be a little different” and that “it would be amazing, and I look forward to that.”

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