Holy cow, do you hear that? That’s the sound of nineties adventure games calling from the great beyond. If you’re an ancient gamer in your late twenties to mid-thirties, then the odds are pretty good that you grew up playing Sierra games like King’s Quest and the unquestionably epic Quest for Glory series.

Husband and wife team Corey and Lori Cole were responsible for getting hundreds of thousands of PC gamers hooked on their adventure games. Sadly, when publisher Sierra imploded in the late nineties, and adventure games began to give way to the barrage of contemporary genres like first-person shooters and real-time strategies, the Cole’s did the honourable thing and went down with adventure game ship. They pretty much disappeared along with their much loved series.

Fortunately, gamers are a tenacious lot and throughout the years the Coles have received countless emails and pleas for an adventure game revival. Now, with the advent of crowd-funding initiatives like Kickstarter, those longing to see the Coles develop a new game are finally getting what they want, and it’s called Hero-U.

Well, it’s called Hero-U at the moment – that might change. It probably should change unless they want most people to think it’s a Wii U exclusive or something. The game will be episodic in nature, with five parts planned in total. It sounds like Quest for Glory meets Harry Potter as you take on the role of different wannabe heroes enrolled at the School for Heroes.

School for Heroes has been online for a while and was originally a way to merge role-playing game tropes with the real world. The website was designed and maintained by the Coles as a background project, but now it’s formed the springboard for their new game.

According to the initial information, the game will incorporate the following:

  1. Tactical combat, where player choices make a real difference
  2. Branching conversations that affect your relationship with other characters
  3. Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  4. Challenging puzzles that are an important, organic part of the story
  5. Meaningful choices between exploration, study, and social interaction


If you head over to Kickstarter, you won’t find the project; that’s because they’re only planning to go live with it on 19 October. Until then, you can browse around the School for Heroes website to get a taste of things to come. Be sure to check out the original post where the game was formally announced.

Source: Hero-U.net
Via: Mashable

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