Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk started BioWare in 1995. They’ve been at the helm of one the industry’s most beloved developers, but after 17 years of game development, the two are calling it a day.

The news came via two lengthy departure letters that were published on the BioWare blog. Each has their own reasons for leaving, but it’s interesting that they’re both retiring at the same time. Zeschuk says he no longer has the passion he once did for BioWare and the gaming industry; Muzyka, on the other hand, simply feels the need to begin a new chapter in his life.

Both will be moving on to ventures completely removed for the video game industry. Muzyka plans to spend his future “investing in and mentoring new entrepreneurs” and getting more involved in charities and social impact development. Zeschuk is heading into something completely different: he’s going to develop a web-based show called “The Beer Diaries” in which he plans to showcase various craft beers and their brewers.

Source: BioWare Blog
Via: Polygon

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