You guys, so, you know how we were ALL planning on shooting skags in the face and looting chests and finding guns and driving vehicles and levelling up and unlocking mad skills and having the greatest weekend of Borderlands 2 mayhem EVER? Well that’s not happening any longer. Sorry. Don’t shoot the messenger etc etc.

Local distributor Megarom popped NAG an email to inform us that the ridiculously anticipated Borderlands 2, as well as the not so ridiculously anticipated (but probably maybe still a little anticipated by other people who don’t like fun) F1 2012, have both been delayed. Instead of being released this Friday 21 September (in time for a long weekend we might add) we’ll be getting them next week Thursday on 27 September.

According to the official word from Megarom, the delay is due to “complications in shipping [that] have arisen and are out of the distributor’s control.” Megarom’s CEO Philip Court had this to say about the delay: “Megarom prides itself on releasing games that are in-line with European release dates, and it’s unfortunate that we have been forced to push out the release of these two highly anticipated titles. Unfortunately there are times that things go wrong and we [Megarom] will do our best to work around these issues to ensure they are resolved as quickly as possible.”

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