The ever-popular Humble Indie Bundle series has now reached its sixth implementation, even though it’s technically the 15th “bundle” to go on sale.

Included this time around is the physics-based puzzle-platformer Vessel, the action-platformer Rochard, the Arkanoid-style game Shatter and the shooter/strategy hybrid that is Space Pirates and Zombies, also known as S.P.A.Z. Also to be found is the commercial classic RPG Torchlight and, for folks who pay more than the average, the twitchy platformer Dustforce which casts you in the role of an acrobatic streetsweeper.

Head beyond the break for more details, and a trailer.

As with the previous bundles, all games are available for Windows, Mac and Linux (in fact, this bundle is the first occurrence of Linux ports for most of the games) and all games, with the exception of Vessel, have soundtracks included. Buyers may choose their price and also decide how their money is allocated between the developers, charity and the bundle organizers themselves, and all games pride themselves on being DRM-free. It’s also worth noting that additional games and freebies are often added to the bundles as the promotion wears on, so keep an eye out.

As always, go here to check it out.

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