Any Nintendo fan worth their salt knows that right now the Wii U is hot property. The next generation of Nintendo’s console is hitting South Africa on 30 November, which coincides with the European release date. If the console has caught your eye, then you need to be at rAge 2012.

Nintendo South Africa has confirmed that the upcoming Wii U console will be making its South African public debut at this year’s rAge. If you visit stand number 64 on the show floor, you’ll be able to test drive the console two months before its release. Playable Wii U titles will include Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, Wii Fit U and of course Ubisoft’s awesome looking ZombiU.

If hands-on time with unreleased gaming hardware and a collection of launch titles isn’t enough for you, then know that that’s not all Nintendo has planned for rAge 2012.

The 3DS XL has only recently seen a local release, so expect Nintendo South Africa to be giving the handheld unit a lot of show time. Part of this will include a Mario Kart 7 championship played live at rAge. If  you think you’ve got the go-karting skills to destroy all local competition, then you might get to walk away with a brand new Nintendo 3DS XL.

Speaking of Nintendo’s handheld units, do NOT forget to bring yours along so that you can snaffle up a ton of StreetPasses. According to Nintendo South Africa, Princess Peach will be at rAge 2012 and if you bag her Mii in your Mii Plaza via StreetPass, then you could win instant prizes from the Nintendo stand.

In case you’ve been having any issues keeping your DS handhelds up to date, be sure to bring them along so that the onsite Nintendo Geniuses can help install the latest updates.

Nintendo is definitely bringing their A-game to this year’s rAge. We’re itching to get our hands on the Wii U once more, and we’re excited to see how the local SA gaming scene takes to the new piece of hardware. If you need to catch up on the latest Wii U news, then don’t forget to check out our Wii U Newsplosion article from last week.

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