So while you’re trudging along the hallowed grounds of the Coca-Cola Dome and admiring all the booth babes, hot games and hardware as well as the rest of the über-friendly geeks that will be likewise gathered there, you might be a bit lost and confused on which stands to visit and when. Have no fear, because I’ll be guiding you through the hardware part of it, telling you where the bargains and showcases will be so that you may do some gawking. So, lets get this underway, we have only fifteen days to wait!


Titan-Ice is one of the biggest online distributors in the country and will be peddling their drool-worthy wares at their stand this year. Their website is currently cycling through the brands they’ll probably be stocking this year, so if you’re quick enough you can grab yourself a SSD or even an entire new rig  for much cheaper during this awesome weekend than you would any other time during the year. But what is interesting is the line of XSPC products they’ll be stocking.

XSPC is a huge brand in the States with a near cult following and their water cooling setups have been envied for years by enthusiasts and modders alike. From radiators to reservoirs and possibly even a few GPU blocks, if you’re looking for a decent water cooling setup and don’t like the close-loop products from Antec or Cooler Master, this should be your first stop at the expo.


Matrix Warehouse, in case you haven’t heard of them, is a chain store that has branches throughout South Africa, supplying the public with computers, peripherals and gaming-related goodies. This year they’ll be at stand #18a where they’ll be selling a large range of stuff for you to choose from. The product you should be looking out for, though, is the Aerocool BX-500. Looking rather suspiciously like a tuned-down Cooler Master Stacker (not a bad thing in itself), the BX-500 has enough space for any length graphics card you can name and some neat built-in cabling.

Airflow is well catered for with up to ten fans you can shove into the chassis, with the boon that there are a few power outlets for the fans that can’t be powered off the headers on the motherboard. This is a full-tower chassis, so there’s enough space for some multi-GPU loving, any watercooling setup you can imagine and even a few mods of your own. Matrix hasn’t confirmed pricing, but has mentioned that this price will only be available at rAge and only for that weekend. Get it while it’s hot!


This year Logitech will have another great stand and will be showing off its latest and greatest products. Expect to see some GT27 steering wheels, some of their LifeChat headsets and, the mouse non-Razer fans have been waiting for, the MMO-focused G600 gaming mouse.

If you’ve been pondering on the Naga, this is Logitech’s answer. Featuring up to sixteen configurable G-buttons, the G600 fills out with a bunch of software options that actually make this mouse closer to an all-in-one job. With three memory profiles, you can have up to 48 different programmable function buttons that do something different. There’s an option in the software to configure a button to become a fast DPI-switcher, allowing you to mimic the Cyborg R.A.T’s Sniper button feature that lowers the DPI to 800 for accurate long-distance shots. A huge range of customisation options awaits you and your G600, so if you’re into MMO games and wish you could flick through your skills list with just your thumb, now you can!

Logitech won’t be selling stock of the mouse, but it should be available already at the suggested price of R1999. Will there be special prices for this beauty at rAge? You’ll have to go there and follow me to find out!

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