We’re tryin’ somethin’!

Hey there! You look like a calm, rational human being. Perhaps you could assist us in the testing of a new comments system that we’ve just implemented on this website you’re currently glued to.

It’s called Disqus, and evidently the Internet loves it. We’ve decided to give it a go, because native WordPress comments make us a bit sad. We’d like for you to be patient while we crash into stuff and knock over tables holding numerous coffee cups as we attempt to get everything up and running as intended.

For the time being, we’re aware of one problem: that the comment counter at the bottom of our posts tends to hate Disqus and refuses to stay synced. If anyone’s aware of how to fix such a problem, please do let us know. In the fancy new comments section, of course.

Otherwise, if you encounter explosions that leave a lingering smell of failed experimentation across the website, please tell us. We’d like to make this work. It’s for you, we promise. <3