So while this leak happened a while ago I’ve been waiting for someone, somewhere to come and pronounce it wrong and untrue or factually incorrect (or even a “No comment” from AMD would be nice), but no-one’s done that. It can only be true then! Or at least partly true, but forgive my slight fanboyishness when I see details about new Radeon cards. AMD’s next GPU family to expand on the Graphics Core next architecture is codenamed “Oland” and will be manufactured using the 28nm process.

Oland promises to be in every way, shape and form, better than the current Pitcairn family which is undergoing a serious round of price cuts to compete with Nvidia. Hit the jump for my analysis on the purported specs. 

Firstly, both the HD8870 and HD8850 are expected to use the same die. In the same way that the HD7800 series was differentiated by clock speed, so Oland will have both high-end cards sharing the same die, supposedly set at a large 270mm², comprised of 3.4 billion transistors. Both cards will also get near or over the 3.0 TFLOPS performance mark. For comparision, Nvidia’s GTX680 currently stands at 3.09 TFLOPs for single-precision computing and while the company won’t confirm the double-precision numbers, benchmarks suggest performance around 200 GFLOPS. Both of these cards seek to match or exceed that and AMD’s Radeon lineup has famously never hindered their Compute performance in order to sell more workstation-class graphics cards.

Everything else in the table shows improvement in the overall design and specs with the HD8870 promising a lower launch price and a more conservative TDP. Should this card be able to hang on in front of Nvidia’s GTX680 on its release, that will mean that the HD8950 will be even more of a hoot and could very well retail for the same price as the GTX680 as well. Nvidia has only just released Kepler, so it’ll be another whole nine months before their new baby is born. AMD needs to get in on this quick-quick.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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