Yeah, “effing” as in… well, you get the idea.

Effing Hail is a browser game where you take control of the weather. Well, to be more precise, you control the wind with the mouse and have to manipulate chunks of hailstone so that they smash into buildings, skyscrapers, planes, people, weather balloons and even satellites. The longer you manage to hold a piece of hail in the air, the larger it grows, reaching gargantuan proportions and becoming an unstoppable, record-breaking ball of icy doom. It’s possible to hold multiple balls of hail, but controlling them becomes trickier as they grow and bounce around on the air currents you provide.

The game has a wonderfully corny aesthetic based on an atmospheric diagram from a textbook. The music is a ’90s rave tune that’s not half-bad, except that it loops the same few seconds over and over. You’ll probably be reaching for the volume control before too long.

Effing Hail is short with only a handful of levels. The major challenge exists in a time limit that is rather unforgiving, coupled with the floaty nature of the hailstones. However, it’s not frustrating and adds some extra time to a game that would otherwise last only a few minutes. Try it for something different with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor, or if you just want to pulverize some poor, unsuspecting pedestrians.

Open up this here link to give it a go.

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