MSI’s currently available GE70 and GE60 laptops were upgraded earlier this year with dual-core Core i5 Ivy Bridge processors and Nvidia’s GT650M GPU. While good value, the laptops fell a bit short compared to what Lenovo’s Y580 offered gamers on a budget. However they will be making an appearance in the next Laptop Buyer’s guide thanks to some price drops. In the interim, MSI decided to finally take the fight to the larger brands with even better hardware internals.

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When MSI was at this year’s Computex Tapei and won the Best Choice, Media’s Choice and Buyer’s Choice awards for their new GE-series. Sadly after their release, Dell started on its own mission with Kepler-based graphics cards and even started to offer gamers the Killer NIC Wireless gaming card, giving it some leeway when it came to gaming on the internet with better pings. MSI decided to give it back to them in spades and today’s release aims to be more value-orientated than the Alienware range.

Drawing up neatly alongside the M15 and M17 series, the GE60 and GE70 offer exactly the same internal components, right down to the wireless card. Would you be a fool to not choose these? Its debatable since the asthetics of the Alienware design is one of the biggest draws to the brand – it looks brutish and angled like a Lamborghini Aventador. MSI’s laptops prefer to be a bit understated, opting for the sleeper looks and small detail to hint at what its capable of. Sadly, while the keyboard is designed by Steelseries, it doesn’t feature backlighting, something night-time gamers will appreciate.

In terms of performance, you can expect the quad-core processors to at least match Intel’s desktop Core i5-3450, while the GTX660M serves up the same performance as an overclocked GT650 desktop card. That’s enough for 1080p gaming with small amounts of AA, which is where both these laptops aim for. One thing you won’t find by default in the Alienware laptops, however, is the mSATA port for SSDs.

With storage options to 128GB SSD and a 750GB Hard drive, this is one combination you don’t want to mess with. In fact, depending on the pricing of these new models, they’ll definitely reserve a spot for themselves in my guide because I usually set budgets according to pricing with a SSD upgrade. A SSD is the best thing you can do for your laptops, improving speed and responsiveness in all areas. Hey, why don’t you pop in and visit the rAge expo and buy one?

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