Oh wait, Borderlands 2 IS in the country

On Wednesday this week, Megarom dropped a bomb on South African gamers who were gearing up for a long weekend of looting in Borderlands 2. It was revealed that, due to shipping issues, both Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 had been delayed in reaching our country. As a result, both titles were pushed back to Thursday 27 September release dates.

It turns out that that was not the case, as shipments of both games are actually in the country. However, owing to the late arrival, only retail stores in the JHB area have stock. Those stores are under extremely strict instructions not to sell those copies until next week. Why? Because of the Better Business Bureau and the ruling that retail competition has to be on an equal footing. As such, online retailers outside of JHB won’t have stock until next week, and if not everybody has stock, then nobody is allowed to sell.

Distributor Megarom posted this expalanation on their Facebook page:

In the interest of fair business practice we’ve asked the stores to hold onto the stock until early next week so that outlying stores are in-line with Johannesburg… Due to us receiving the stock earlier than expected we will now be launching Borderlands 2 and F1 2012 on Wednesday 26th September.

Thanks to our friends over at Lazygamer for digging up this information.