Alright, let’s cut to the chase here: it’s the third one; if you missed the first two then they’re over here (and here); Huntley is still sprouting one-liners; animals are still chewing your face off and stabbing you with pointy horns; water still looks amazing; stuff explodes really well; and damn it man, why isn’t this game out already?

This time we get introduced to a new enemy faction known as the Privateers. They’re located on a separate island that’s sparse when it comes to the whole “allies” and “backup” thing. Basically, the Privateers are the guys with serious military hardware intent on doing… bad guy stuff like burning fields of pot and ordering gas-masked henchmen in flame-proof outfits to kill you. Glad I’m not one of those guys; it’s probably about, what, a billion degrees on that tropical island, and now they have to wear gas masks and heavy outfits?

Did we mention we really can’t wait to play this game? Because we really can’t wait to play this game. Luckily it’ll be playable at rAge 2012! Hit the jump to see what else wants to kill you – aside from crazy Vaas and the plethora of grumpy wildlife.


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