NAG Magazine: October 2012 Issue

October is a special month for us, and for gamers all across South Africa really. That’s because October is rAge month, which makes the October issue of NAG our rAge issue, which makes this issue of NAG more memorable than witnessing the rebirth of the dinosaurs, or making someone’s head explode with nothing but the power of your mind, or seeing a squirrel do a real-life rocket jump. Perhaps it’s nowhere near as memorable as any of those things, but it is nevertheless memorable in its own memorable way. We promise.

Head past the break for a peek at our October (i.e. rAge 2012!) issue and its delectable contents.

Our cover feature this month is the hugely anticipated sequel to Medal of Honor. Not only did we get to spend some excellent hands-on time with Warfighter to more accurately gauge if it’ll be a worthy successor to the original’s more personal take on tactical military action, but we were also afforded the opportunity to have an informative, interesting chat with Greg Goodrich (head honcho at developer Danger Close) and an actual retired military operative who’s all Top Secret and stuff. We’re worried he might actually track us down and eliminate us for even mentioning his existence in the above sentence, which is almost as exciting as it is scary. We’ll let you know how that goes.

Our previews section is bursting with info from Gamescom, where we got our hands on everything from the new Ninja Theory-ified Devil May Cry to the multiverse-hopping madness of Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse. Our eyes almost ate themselves upon sighting the impossibly impressive imagery of Star Wars 1313, and Tearaway showcases the magnificent minds at Media Molecule at their very best.

This month, our reviews section sees us passing early judgement on Resident Evil 6. Does it do its beloved heritage proud, or does the sixth in the series shame the great name on which it’s built? Borderlands 2 drops a million guns in our lap within the first minute, and dares us not to love it. Guild Wars 2 forces us to pay attention to MMORPGs again, and Sleeping Dogs delivers an open-world recreation of Hong Kong that aims to leave a lasting impression. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron makes robots out of cars (obviously) and Darksiders II hopes to absorb you in its more colourful post-apocalypse all over again.

Hardware is an endless bag o’ tech goodness this month, wherein you’ll find everything from racing chairs and ridiculously powerful GPUs (one of which is the best we’ve ever put to the test), to tiny notebooks (that pack a deceptive punch) and CPU coolers.

In amongst all this, we find the time to take a look at the world of free-to-play gaming and detail what makes it tick. We also delve into the millennia-old realm of tabletop gaming, putting a throng of board games, card games, pen-and-paper role-playing games and “WTF is this?” games under the microscope to help guide you on your first expeditions into non-digital gaming.

All this and more has been squeezed into our October issue, which is due on store shelves this Thursday, the 27th of September. If physical magazines offend you, don’t forget to check out our digital magazine on Zinio as well.

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