A month ago, PopCap co-founder John Vechey revealed that the casual games developer was shedding employees in an attempt to streamline themselves for the new gaming market. According to Vechey, the way people play and pay for games has changed so much PopCap needs to change too. When this was announced a month ago, it resulted in 50 employees being shown the door. It also resulted in the developer’s Dublin studio being subjected to “exploratory consultation”, which means that they were deciding whether or not it was viable to keep the offshoot studio open.

According to the official statement issued by PopCap: “The consultation period in Ireland has been completed, and after having consulted fully with the employee representatives the PopCap leadership team has decided to close our Dublin office.” This comes shortly after PopCap created 300 new jobs in Ireland for a customer support centre.

Many of those 96 employees affected by the job losses are being aided in finding work. Some of those former employees will be picked up by other PopCap departments and positions throughout Electronic Arts.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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