PSA: XCOM demo is now live on Steam

Hey you, reading this website on your personal computer; is said computer capable of playing new-fangled video games? Are you a fan of the venerable XCOM series that is poised to make its inevitably glorious comeback with XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Do you want to play XCOM: Enemy Unknown right NOW? Of course you do, and that’s why you’re going to download the demo that just went live on Steam.

The demo sounds like it covers the same content that was available for press at Gamscom in August. It features the first two tutorial levels of the game and introduces the XCOM base. The base layout and design is terrific; you’re presented with a cross section view (kind of like a dolls’ house actually) and you’re free to zoom in to sections to see what the various people are up to. Of course, the XCOM base is more than an aesthetic time-waster; it’s where you’ll be researching new tech and training up your squad.

The demo is a pretty hefty download, with the whole thing weighing in at 5483.7MB. If you’ve got time and/or cap to kill then I definitely recommend it, especially if you’re new to the XCOM series and you want to know what all the turn-based, alien-infested fun is about.