Hi there! Do you like participating in cool stuff and being world-renowned as an awesome human being? Of course you do, and you should totally read this! Ster Kinekor and Capcom will be playing host to an awesome missing persons wall at rAge this year, in celebration of the upcoming release of Resident Evil 6. You can be a part of it.

If this interests you, click past the jump for more info, and instructions on what you need to do.

Basically, the plan is to spell out the game’s slogan of “No Hope Left” on the side of the Ster Kinekor / Resident Evil 6 stand using hundreds of small missing person posters. Hidden on this wall will be exclusive RE6 content. If you’d like to be one of the hundreds of missing persons on this wall, or if you’d like someone you know to be on the wall, then all you need to do is submit the following info to Ster Kinekor:

  1. Name of the missing person
  2. Name of the person who created the poster (it could be the missing person’s sibling, or parent, or whoever)
  3. A photo/image of the missing person
  4. The text you want used on your missing person poster, or at least ideas for what you’d like used (provided you don’t want the text on your poster to be generic) e.g. “Answers to the name ‘Spelunky'”


You can send all this info to: missing@sterkinekorent.com

Here’s an example of what they’re looking for:

More stuff like this: