So Kickstarter isn’t the only way game developers can crowd-source development capital; the Europeans have just launched Gambitious. It’s very new; you can tell that because it only has about eight projects listed so far. What makes it different to Kickstarter, however, is that you can buy equity in a project as well as just donating cold, hard cash.

Crowd-funding Gambitious aside, one of the more (how should we put this?) ballsy projects currently plastered on the newly launched website, is a new FPS from 3D Realms. Yes, the same 3D Realms who started work on Duke Nukem Forever and then took fourteen years before deciding to can the project. We got it anyway (thanks to Gearbox) but it was (again, how should we put this?) total wank.

Enter Earth No More, the newest FPS title from developer 3D Realms. They’re asking for financial backing from fans for this newest entry into the post-apocalypse FPS niche. Concept art certainly looks pretty dreamy, doesn’t it? The only catch is that the game has actually been around for a while and was supposed to be released in 2009. Ooh, déjà vu!

Source: Eurogamer

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