You know how great movie series often get bundled into those lavish box sets? And you know how the Mass Effect universe is probably one of the best science-fiction universes ever created, so much so that it could stand alongside those of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek quite easily? Well, with that in mind, it makes total sense that Mass Effect would get its own trilogy box set.

You want to know what’s extra cool about this news? It’s coming to PlayStation 3 as well, making this the first time Mass Effect 1 will be playable on Sony’s console. That’s fantastic news for PlayStation 3 gamers, who have up until now needed to rely on a comic panel synopsis of the events of the first game. It is, of course, also coming to PC and Xbox 360.

The Mass Effect Trilogy box set is coming on 6 November 2012 and will include all three games (including the multiplayer modes of Mass Effect 3) split over five discs. It’ll also come in exclusive, swanky foil packaging and cost $60, so about R600 or less here in South Africa. Electronic Arts has also announced that they’re making November 7 the official Mass Effect day – because it’d be N7 you see – so clever.

Source: BioWare
Via: Kotaku

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