A week ago, we posted Megarom’s mindsplosioning list of awesome games to expect at rAge. Now it’s Ster Kinekor Entertainment’s turn to drop some upcoming big names for the show.

Ster-Kinekor Entertainment is bringing a barrage of publishers to rAge 2012. Responsible for local releases for publishers like Bethesda, Capcom, D3 Publisher, Konami, Sony, SEGA, THQ and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Ster Kinekor Entertainment has a ton of games for you to get hands-on time with. On top of all of the games, Ster Kinekor Entertainment and Sony will be hosting a discussion panel on the growing popularity of Augmented Reality games. This will coincide with the launch of Wonderbook: Book of Spells. The panel discussion will be held on the main stage on the Friday at 10:00 to 10:50. Don’t miss it!

rAge is exactly one week away. If you listen closely, you can hear Future You screaming back through time to Now You, telling you how awesome rAge is. Yeah, it’s going to be amazing enough to punch a hole through time’s smug little face. Take that time; that’s what you get for making us wait for stuff you bastard.

Note that the following list of titles is pending final confirmation, but will be playable on the SKE stand.


Ben 10: Omniverse – Release date: 30 November 2012 – play it seven weeks early at rAge

In upcoming Ben 10: Omniverse, Ben and Rook have to save the world from destruction at the hands of a villain called Malware. The game will feature 16 playable characters on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and 15 playable characters on Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.

DanceStar Party Hits – Release date: 26 October 2012 – play it three weeks early at rAge

Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 won’t be the only dancing game tearing up the floor at rAge, as Sony will be showing the PlayStation Move powered DanceStar Party Hits as well. Cameras? Check. “Friends to Blackmail” list? Double check.

DmC: Devil May Cry – Release date: 15 January 2013 – play it three months early at rAge

Never has a reboot caused as much controversy as Ninja Theory’s upcoming reimagining of the Devil May Cry series. Perhaps you’re a fan of the original games? Perhaps you secretly wish all sorts of terrible things on the team at Ninja Theory for daring to alter Dante this much? Perhaps you actually just need to try the game out for yourself to see that it’s shaping up to be something really, really awesome. We’ve played it already, and to be honest, we’re extremely excited about it.

Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition – Release Date: 28 September 2012

The definitive version of Gran Turismo 5 will be playable at rAge 2012. Featuring all of the DLC to date as well as all of the updates and performance tweaks, Academy Edition is a must for any Gran Turismo fan. FYI, the game now features more than 950 cars. Madness!

LEGO: The Lord of the Rings – Release Date: 30 October 2012 – play it three weeks early at rAge

Oh man, we love us some LEGO here at NAG. We also love us some Lord of the Rings, which means LEGO: The Lord of the Rings is like gaming’s chocolate and peanut butter, or salt and vinegar, or bacon and pretty much anything.

LittleBigPlanet Karting – Release date: 09 November 2012 – play it five weeks early at rAge

Proof that Sackboy and friends can do pretty much anything, LittleBigPlanet is getting the inevitable karting game spin-off. You’ll be able to try out the make-whatever-you-want-and-then-drive-it-like-a-maniac game for yourself.

Lost Planet 3 – Release Date: TBA 2013 – play it months early at rAge

One thing is for sure, Capcom’s Lost Planet 3 is starting to look fantastic. We recently got some hands-on time with the game and what we played we really enjoyed. The new tone, new antagonist and new gameplay mechanics had us enthralled. Definitely looking forward to this one.

PES 2013 – Release Date: 20 September 2012

Fancy yourself a champion at virtual football? Come and prove it. The latest entry into the acclaimed Pro Evolution Soccer series has been out for about a week now, but you’ll still be able to get your hands-on the title at rAge.

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal – Release Date: 21 November 2012 – play it six weeks early at rAge

Sony’s got a sizable roster of platform exclusive characters. Naturally, the best thing to do with all of them is to make a game in which they all beat the living hell out of each other. One of the neat things about the build up to this game has been the constant trickle of character reveals. As for us here at NAG, we really just can’t wait for the numerous face-offs between God of War’s Kratos and Heavenly Sword’s Nariko. Now kiss…

Resident Evil 6 – Release Date: 02 October 2012

Zombies will be at rAge in a big way, and when one thinks zombies and gaming, the Resident Evil franchise is natural go-to. You’ll be able to try the game out on the rAge show floor. It’ll only have been out for three days by the time rAge kicks off, so if you’re in two minds about picking up a copy, come and try it first.

Rise of the Guardians – Release Date: 23 November 2012 – play it two weeks early at rAge

Based on the upcoming film of the same name, D3 Publisher’s Rise of the Guardians is heading to nearly every platform on the planet.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – Release date: 16 November 2012 – play it six weeks early at rAge

You know, sometimes we wonder about the groups of people who make up names for video games. While Optimus Prime won’t be a playable driver, characters from loads of Sega franchises will be, including: Super Monkey Ball, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Samba de Amigo and (of course) Sonic. What’s more, Ralph from upcoming film Wreck-It Ralph will also be in the game as well as your Xbox 360 Avatar or Mii if you’re playing on those platforms.

Sports Champions 2 – Release Date: 23 November 2012 – play it seven weeks early at rAge

Making use of PlayStation Move controllers, Sports Champions 2 features six events, including a completely overhauled Archery mode. You’ll be able to compete in Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf and Bowling.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells – Release Date: 02 November 2012 – play it a month early at rAge

Wonderbook is Sony’s newest peripheral for the PlayStation 3. Making use of the PlayStation Eye and the Move, the Wonderbook looks like an ordinary book, only it has loads of Augmented Reality markings on it. Book of Spells has been developed with author J.K. Rowling’s help – yes, she of Harry Potter fame. To be honest, the Wonderbook tech is very impressive, and is going to make for some captivating entertainment for younger games.

Is that enough for you? Keep in mind that this isn’t even Ster Kinekor Entertainment’s final list so you might want to keep half an eye on this post during the lead-up to rAge. We’ll update it with any additions over the coming days.

See you at rAge!

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