This year at rAge we’re going to see a few unique stands that don’t always have something to do with technology – some of them, like Grace Pharmaceuticals at stand #30, aim to teach and enlighting gamers about the benefits of healty living and exercise. Others like Torque IT and Dynamix Academy aim to give you the skills to succeed in the computer industry, if you’re so inclined. Interested? Hit the more button – you know you want to!


Sapphire will be collaborating with AMD this year and the duo will be showing off some AMD-based products this year, starting with the EDGE Mini Nettop. Now, AMD is doing their worldwide release of their new Piledriver-based processors on the 2nd October and they’ll very likely have Brazos 2.0 products crawling out from everywhere after the launch. If the EDGE on display has the new Brazos 2.0 chipset, I’ll hunt it down and take pictures of this little critter for you.

The company will also be doing a lot of giveaways during the weekend, handing out graphics cards and other hardware to the value of R20,000 in cash to lucky expo-goers who visit the booth and the stage inside the Dome. There will also be a skinned EDGE nettop up for grabs adorned with DOTA2 artwork, so be sure to make yourself heard when you’re there.

And if you’re creative, a clever picture taken with the Sapphire booth babes could snag you a new graphics card too! Bring along your phone, upload the snap to Facebook and the best picture of the day will win!


Are you interested in getting yourself some computer-related qualifications and degrees? Both these two companies specialise in computer training and offer a wide range of courses, from Cisco certifications all the way to the hard-earned but useful Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course. If computers is your thing and a career with them is your dream job, make sure you stop by these two stands, grab their brochures and listen to the clever people behind the booths.


Another local Android tablet retailer, Tronica is a bit unique in the tablet market space because they offer unbranded tablets for local companies to brand themselves – good for small businesses that want to either make their mark in the market or for those that need their own equipment branded to create public awareness. Tronica’s MetroDroid tablet will be shown at the expo as well as a new line of projectors the company hopes will entire gamers to empty their wallets.

The Econo Pro line starts from R1295 and is a small-form-factor unit. With a 460g weight, 400 nits of brightness and a 20,000-hour lamp life, this little projector wants you to carry it around with you wherever you go. With a resolution from the lens sitting at 320 x 240 and a projection distance stretching as far back as 3.8m, this could give you gaming goodness on a 100-foot scale, filling up any lounge wall or projection screen. The Econo Pro will be on sale at the stand and you might be treated to a demo of its features first-hand. Get the black one and mount it on your roof and then invite your mates over for a rugby game with some beer on hand.

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