Giblets: Check out the SA developed “Little Fry” on iOS

There’s this South African bloke called Roland; he’s made an iOS game called Little Fry. It’s about a fish who has to find his family, but he needs your helpful finger to guide him across the expansive ocean – an expansive ocean that’s teeming with things that want to mutilate his soft, delicious little fishy body. The game is available on our local App Store (under the “Entertainment” category because we have no Games section – seriously?) and is already sitting at #1 in the Entertainment category. It’s also reached position #2 in the “Paid For” apps section. I’ve given it a go and it’s got a Jetpack Joyride feel to it with you having to guide Fry through hoops while avoiding hazards.  Check out the webpage here or find it on the App Store.