Giblets: Telkom’s ADSL 384 Upgrades have commenced!

As you go about your day, ADSL 384 users, know that Telkom has begun focusing their attention on you poor saps who’ve been stuck at this speed for just over six years – you can finally upgrade to the 1Mb profile if your line supports it and your local exchange has been upgraded. All you have to do is first check if you’re part of the upgrade process this week by using Telkom’s Secure ADSL Line Checker by entering your phone number and a CAPTCHA. Then your current speeds are reported as well as the maximum speeds your exchange officially supports. If your product is now the 1Mb/s upgrade, phone 10210 and navigate your way to DSL Technical support whereby you have to speak the magic words: “My ADSL account has been upgraded and I’d like to have my port reset and my profile speed raised.” If you got through to a clever support consultant, the upgrade will be finished in less than a minute. If you got through to a moron, hang up and try again. Happy internet downloading!