Here is Forza Horizon’s launch trailer

I’ll confess, when they announced Forza Horizon I didn’t pay much attention. I thought it a little premature that Turn 10 Studios was releasing another full-fledged Forza title so soon after Forza 4. As such this release trailer has come as a bit of a shock: how great does this game look?

It’s an open-world Forza game that centres around a fictitious racing festival called the Horizon Festival. The game itself is actually being developed by Playground Games in association with Turn 10 Studios.

There’s a definite tonal shift in Horizon. Whereas traditional Forza games have been focused on a subdued but dignified appreciation of really expensive cars, Horizon seems to be channelling that youthful exuberance normally associated with racing games like Need for Speed: Underground or the Burnout games. Well, that’s if this launch trailer is anything to go by.


Forza Horizon is out on 23 October exclusive to Xbox 360. There’s a demo coming on 09 October for all Xbox LIVE Gold members; that demo will be available to everyone else on 16 October. Alternatively, you can get early hands-on time with the game at rAge 2012 as Microsoft South Africa has confirmed the game will be there.