Indie showcase: Every Day the Same Dream

Remember that old movie Groundhog Day? The protagonist in Every Day the Same Dream might not be stuck in a time loop, but he clearly feels to be caught up in the same kind of repetitive rut as Bill Murray’s character.

The game, a freeware browser title, takes place in the monochrome world of a soulless white-collar worker. The player is tasked with finding ways to deviate from the monotonous routine of getting dressed each morning, saying goodbye to your apparently preoccupied wife, riding an elevator, driving to work and sitting in your office cubicle like a good little drone. It is in this context that the game forces the player to deliberately think in unorthodox terms. And it’s an experiment that works very well.

As mentioned above, most of the world is colourless and sterile. Objects and people are simple, bland and emotionless, adding to the game’s overall aesthetic and setting. Despite the melancholic overtones, there are traces of humour and one scene in particular is almost touching. The ending – which won’t take too long to reach, as the game is quite short – is open-ended and ambiguous, and will definitely leave you debating its actual meaning.

Waltz your way over here to give it a try.

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