rAge: Counting Down The Days…

As we progress through the week, we get closer and closer to the event of the year – rAge Expo. As promised, I’ll be there during the weekend bringing you all the hardware events and reveals, giving readers unfortunate enough to not make it this year at least feel like they’re with the crowds as things happen. For those of you at the expo, make sure you look out for me.

I promise the expo photos will be taken with a better camera!

While you’re there and if you spot me, tap my shoulder and say “Hello!’ I don’t bite but I have been known to drink alcohol to an extent that I tell everyone I love them. I’m going to be racing around everywhere, from stand to stand and press events as well, so forgive me if I can’t spare a minute during the morning to chat. I’ll be tweeting everything that I see during the event and sharing some things on my Facebook page as well, which you can ‘Like’ here. And of course, you can look forward to my daily/hourly posts here on NAG Online. So get seated comfortably during the weekend, you’re going to want to do a lot of reading!

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