What on Earth is Star Wars: First Assault?

There’s a web design company known as Gifted Apollo. For some reason they went onto Xbox.com and downloaded every single “box art” image for every single Xbox LIVE Arcade game to date. They also bagged themselves all of the unreleased games’ cover images. You can see all of the upcoming XBLA releases over on this NeoGAF thread. Some you might have heard of but there are quite a few that will probably be new to you. Also, Girl Fight looks like a totally legitimate fighting game; I can tell by the non-exploitative box art.

One of those unreleased XBLA titles is Star Wars: First Assault. As website Eurogamer points out, aside from a trademark filing in August, no one has ever heard of this game. It has some sweet box art though, doesn’t it? Some are speculating that First Assault might be the final resting place of the cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3.

Basically there’s nothing more to tell you, but we’re going to go out on a limb here and say that if history is anything to go by, LucasArts will probably be making an official statement very soon. That’s what happened when Star Wars 1313 was inadvertently discovered a few days before E3 2012; LucasArts PR went into oh-yeah-we-are-making-this-game mode.

Source: Kotaku

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