This weekend’s rAge Expo is all about gaming, gadgets, technology and everything in-between, and beneath the vast hall that is the Coca-Cola Dome lies the Telkom Do Gaming League’s annual eSports tournament – the Do Gaming Championship. It’s the heart of eSports at rAge, with 600 of our nation’s best competitive gamers coming together for a weekend of tough competition in a number of games and genres. In addition to the DGL tournaments, a number of smaller, less formal tournaments take place in the open NAG LAN in the main hall, and, of course, we have our own NAG Gaming League’s LOL finals taking place.

Among our other coverage of the whole show this weekend, we’ll be keeping an eye on the eSports events both downstairs and in the open LAN. We’ll chat to some of the gamers and report back on as much as is humanly possible during this short but assuredly frenetic weekend, so be sure to stay tuned to NAG Online and @nagcoza.

Do Gaming Championship

The DGL runs as a standalone tournament throughout the weekend. Teams have been preselected based on their performance throughout the year. Games take place in the DGL VIP LAN downstairs and unfortunately are not open to public spectators without them having organised special permission beforehand. Livestreaming is under management by DGL so we can’t make any promises, but as soon as we have any details on this we’ll let you know.

The games that will be played are:

  • Battlefield 3
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Gran Turismo 5
  • StarCraft II
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • FIFA 12


NAG Gaming League

Our own gaming league is limited to just League of Legends and takes place in a special section of the open LAN dedicated to the 126 players who will take part. Unlike the DGL, the NGL event at rAge culminates the year’s league and acts as the finals, rather than a standalone tournament. In practise, though, it amounts to the same thing – these are the best of the best in their field.

As it’s a part of the open LAN, all non-participating LANners are welcome to watch the games throughout the weekend. Anyone who’s not there is welcome to visit our dedicated website to follow along our fully shoutcasted livestreams and stay up-to-date with the tournment standings.

Strategy competition

Every year, NAG Online Forums member Reforged goes out of his way to organise this rapidly expanding tournament complete with sponsored prizes and semi-formalised seating arrangements. This year, the old favourite of Command and Conquer 3 is the game of choice, with a record number of 58 players signing up for the event. We’ll report back on this tournament as well as the official leagues mentioned above, but in the mean time please visit the thread on the forums for all the details.


For the first time ever, the fine people at Core will be organising an official Pokémon TCG tournament at rAge. We don’t have any official details on this just yet but will get back to you with them as soon as possible.

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