NAG rAge Expo Gallery: D-Day Minus One

In the build-up to the opening of the expo tomorrow I thought I’d visit the dome a little early and take some pics of what’s happening behind the scenes while you’re planning on how early to queue in the morning. In short: this weekend will be a blast!

The NAG LAN area, surprisingly empty. The calm before the storm?
Its not until you see it up close that you appreciate how much work went into the LAN. I do not want to be the guy crimping those cables!
Yes, a giant Angry Birds Plushy. No, you can’t send it flying into anything.
There are beanbags EVERYWHERE. Are they for sale, or something?
Telkom’s Do Gaming stand this year is HUGE. Expect to get lost in here for a while.
Near the Telkom stand, I found this hiding in a corner. Does this mean some Windows 8 products will be available for a preview? Dibs on the tablet!
My brother found this little gem hiding by the Sony stand. Well, he did ask nicely, didn’t he?
Pictured: the stand EVERY mature gamer should visit and the place where my brother will lose most of his time to. Remember kids, there’s lots of promo code going on that you can’t take pictures or video of.
X-Com being tested out on this giant, high-res projector display.
Finally, before my battery died, I landed at the Gyroxus stand. Boys and girls, this is one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in my life!
Playing Forza 3, this man isn’t using the analog sticks to steer – he moves the controller which is attached to a joystick, using the built-in accelerometer to steer the car. And the chair simulates the same motions you’d be experiencing in the game in real-time. More to follow when I return tomorrow!

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