Stands @ rAge: Dion Wired & Roccat and Comptium

I was trudging through the stands today as they were being built and stocked up and the way in which this proceeds in an almost orderly fashion surprises me – or maybe it doesn’t, considering it is the expo’s tenth year of existence (and also the first one I’ll be attending ever). And while I was walking around I had to take notice of two stands you simply must visit tomorrow: Dion Wired and Comptium.


Like the way in which Alienware is sharing stands with Telkom and EA Games this year, Dion Wired is using their stand this year to help promote their association with the Roccat brand and in particular, Roccat’s new line of gaming laptops that the company hopes to have in stores for gamers as soon as they are released at the end of October this year. As part of the new XMG line, there will be four models on display from the Pro line and four from the Advanced lineup, with a range of hardware limitations based on the chassis in use.

In pure performance terms, expect these laptops to compete with the best of the best from Alienware and the likes of MSI and ASUS, both of whom have been benefiting from their Ivy Bridge and Kepler pairings in their high-end ranges. Wireless networking is taken care of by Bigfoot’s LAN Killer, a strong contender in the notebook market that will probably strong-arm Realtek out of the high-end picture and take the fight directly to Intel.

Also making an appearance on the stand will be the rest of Roccat’s gaming-oriented lineup, including their revisions to the Kone family as well as two new products – the Lua gaming mouse and the Hiro mouse pad (which you can see in the picture above). Sadly, none of the units you’ll see on display will be for sale as yet, but add it to your Christmas wishlist anyway. You can, however, win the aforementioned laptops if you visit the rAge expo stand during the weekend at the times indicated in the schedule that Lauren posted up.


Probably one of the most interesting stands to visit this year would be Comptium’s. I know I’ve mentioned them before but I’ve now received official word that there will be an overclocking feature as well. At the stand there will be a demonstration held by dRweEz from the Below0 group who will be showing off the skills of the new Asrock Z77 Formula, with some record attempts at the same time as well. If you’ve never seen a board frozen with liquid nitrogen, now’s your chance to see what its all about. Demonstrations will be held at semi-regular intervals during the weekend, lasting around two hours per demo.

Do not be a wiseguy and try touch the liquid nitrogen canisters or the motherboard itself. The men in white coats will be on you before you know it.

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