rAge 2012 has been going for a little over four hours and already the passageways are starting to swell with bright-eyed gamers, but on the competitive gaming front, things are going slow.

The folks at the Telkom Do Gaming Championship downstairs are still streaming in and setting up their PCs, while those who are already set up are getting stuck into a few practice matches. The main DGC events only begin tomorrow morning at 9am. Before then there’s still plenty to do; technicians are monitoring the bandwidth allocations (512kb to each competitor to ensure lag-free play), referees are chatting to players as they roll in to ensure they know the format for the weekend, and security is keeping a beady eye on any passers-by without the proper wrist bands. Speaking of which, after chatting to the organisers they confirmed that there will be a limited spectator area that’s open to anyone from the NAG LAN as well as those visitors who purchased a weekend pass. In addition, the games will be shoutcast and livestreamed to the public.

Upstairs in the main LAN areas, both the NGL League of Legends and open strategy tournaments are still to begin. Both tournaments kick off tonight with the opening rounds, so I’ll check in tomorrow morning to get some feedback on their progress.

Elsewhere in the main expo there’s the Pokémon Nationals which are already well underway.iphonereplacementscreen Today is the first round of qualifiers for competitors over the age of 16, with the juniors (under 9) and seniors (9-16) competing tomorrow to secure their places in Sunday’s finals.

Those looking for a more sedate gaming experience can settle down with some of the many card, board and war games being played in the demo area. NAG Forums moderator Kharrak is currently demonstrating his newfound love of DUST Tactics to anyone willing to pay attention, so be sure to swing on by if you’re on the lookout for a wargaming experience that’s surprisingly quick and easy to get into.

That’s it for now; be sure to check back in tomorrow throughout the day for our continued coverage of the expo, the games, the hardware and the competition!

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