When NAG reviewed the Gyroxus gaming chair earlier this year, it wasn’t given a sterling recommendation. Too often you’ll find gaming peripherals and devices such as these that aim to improve the gaming experience, but may not perform as necessary in all areas. The Gyroxus chair was ostensibly one of those products that fell victim to doing too much all at the same time, but my hands-on experience was, in short, fantastic. And my arms hurt like hell.

I tried out the chair in a half-hour thrashing with Forza Motorsport and I found the experience to be delightfully refreshing. I play a lot of racing games on a Logitech Driving Force steering wheel and always wished I could have some extra feedback besides having to fight with the steering wheel. Getting onto the chair felt a little weird and the sensation of steering a car not just with my hands, but a little bit of my body as well as weird. Trying to get a decent lap time on the leaderboard was a difficult experience because I wasn’t quite used to it.

The chairs are only designed to withstand a maximum weight of 109kg. During my chat with the product manager on the floor, it was revealed that they catered for heavier people and even had some above that weight in the testing phase, but safe to say this chair should be able to accommodate anyone of a reasonable size and weight. What is crucial about playing on the Gyroxus is weight distribution.

I found that leaning back tended to dull the accuracy and made my turns a little wider. Leaning a bit forward improved things a lot more but also made returning to center a little harder as well – sitting on the chair with your feet on the ground on either side would be the better bet. I found that the controller’s buttons didn’t register my presses as easily, but that’s probably because the stand had at least a couple hundred people trying it out and hammering it for all its worth. I’m also not really used to the triggers on Xbox 360 controllers, so you could blame that as well to a certain extent. Also on show was HAWX2, but the game wasn’t as fun as with a joystick. However, the chair did accurately simulate what its like to pilot a plane, adding in the motion of the chair itself for deeper immersion.

Despite struggling to wrap my brain over how awesome this was, I posted a respectable 1:48:500 lap time after just half an hour of playing with it. I’m sure that given a little more time, I could figure it out and get the ball really rolling. Congrats to the lucky bugger who posted below the 1:47:000 bracket – it takes skill to be that fast with this chair. Gyroxus chairs are already on sale and can be found for the reasonable RRP of R6500.

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