Last night saw a few issues in the main LAN area, from power cuts to network traffic troubles between some of the areas, but downstairs in the Telkom DGL LAN they seem to have everything under control – as of 9am most of the weekend’s games were underway.

We could spend the whole weekend reporting on every game, telling you how they went and who insulted people’s mothers, but that’s a lot of hard work and frankly, is a little boring. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know who came out on top tomorrow, but for now, we’ve decided to spend the weekend chatting with the gamers and getting to know them a bit. Well, a bit more than absolutely not at all, at least.

In the DGC area I was introduced to Etienne “Celestial” Nel – one of the favourites for this year’s StarCraft II tournament, and one of two SC2 players in the relatively new multi-gaming organisation (MGO) GamerNET. Officially formed just a few months ago in Cape Town, GamerNET is already making a name for itself in the local gaming scene with their FIFA 13 and StarCraft II players.

I actually said “say cheese” when I took this picture. Apparently that’s not the best thing to say to a bunch of StarCraft II players.

While the team has only been formally together for a few months, each member has a good bit of experience in the local scene, and FIFA trainer Francois “fraansman” van Schalwyk had a couple of interesting points to make. When asked about the challenge of adapting online (and international) practice to competing in the local competitive scene, fraansman explained that most players tend to emulate the play style of their chosen team, rather than adopting a purely unique gameplay style. “That’s the version of football you see [on TV],” he said.

Quick to make the comparison, Celestial commented that you often find the same thing happen in StarCraft II. Local players tend to emulate their favourite international pros. When asked who he likes to play like, Celestial replied “Not really; I do like White-Ra a lot, but I play random.” Brilliant. As a random player myself (admittedly not at the level of these guys), it’s good to see that the choice doesn’t exclude you from playing at this level. Although, as the only random SC2 player at DGC, Celestial might have his work cut out for him.

Just after we finished our chat, I found out that all of the Celestial guys have won their first games. An unfortunate no-show from the opposition will see Celestial likely pushed through his second game, but they’re all well on their way to the next rounds. Good luck guys!

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