Next week Tuesday will see the release of the first bit of DLC for Borderlands 2: a fifth playable class called the Mechromancer. The Mechromancer’s real name is Gaige; she keeps a giant robot by her side which she uses to turn bandits into a pulpy mush.

Gearbox has released an Echo Log for Gaige that details the origins of her metallic sidekick. Those of you who are familiar with the franchise will know that Echo Logs are basically voice recording or audio-logs done by the various characters in the game.

Turns out Gaige is pretty young and that Deathtrap is her experimental entry into the “Eden 5 Youth Science Fair”. From the sounds of things, Giage still lives at home and is still in school, which means Deathtrap’s additional use is to, obviously, beat the hell out of the school bullies. How a school girl winds up on Pandora is anyone’s guess, but then again we’re questioning the plot integrity of a game that has a pony made out of diamonds, so… yeah.


Those of you who pre-ordered Borderlands 2 will be getting Gaige for gratis next week Tuesday, 16 October. For everyone else she’s $10.

UPDATE: now with Echo Log number 2!


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