Sony’s fancy little handheld gaming device is getting its own Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. It’s being developed by Nihilistic Software, which is the same team that brought Resistance to the PlayStation Vita. Yeah, we’re a little apprehensive about that last bit too; Resistance: Burning Skies tanked in reviews. But development teams can improve, right?

It’s now been revealed that there’ll be no zombie mode in Declassified, which is a pity because zombies and Black Ops go hand-in-decaying-hand. Treyarch’s take on the Call of Duty franchise has always included wave-based modes featuring everybody’s favourite shambling corpses.

This news came via Activision’s community manager Dan Amrich. Speaking on his official blog, One of Swords, Amrich said about zombies appearing in Declassified: “the official answer is no, but for what strikes me as a decent reason: Multiplayer took priority.”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, the multiplayer taking priority. The game will feature 4-v-4 ad-hoc matches over wi-fi. We got to see this in action at Gamescom back in August, and for those who get instant withdrawal symptoms the moment they leave Call of Duty multiplayer, it’s a totally viable replacement.

Still, the lack of zombie mode is a bit of a bummer despite (as Amrich puts it) the decision “making sense”. He points out that “multiplayer gaming with twin-stick controls in a portable format” is absolutely “the core experience, and that simply needs to come first”.

On the bright side, we’ll be getting the biggest zombie mode we’ve ever had in a Call of Duty game when Black Ops II launches on PC and consoles.

Source: One of Swords
Via: Joystiq

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