Batman : Arkham City is getting a snazzy new Armoured Edition Armored Edition for Nintendo’s upcoming console. Exclusive to the Wii U, Batman: AC: Armored Edition puts quite a few of Batman’s gadgets into your own hands thanks to the Wii U GamePad.

Naturally, Armored Edition is being called the definitive version of Arkham City, and judging by the demonstration trailer that’s recently been released, it very well could be. That GamePad makes for some really neat, immersive gameplay. Batman has always been a gadget-heavy superhero, and well, the Wii U’s controller is pretty much perfect. The built-in gyroscope turns the GamePad into a convincing Evidence Scanner, and the touchscreen has enabled developer Rocksteady  to create new gameplay mechanics for things like the Cryptographic Sequencer.

Then there’s the fact that Bats’ entire inventory is right at your fingertips, essentially solving one of my (very few) gripes with the game: the clunky d-pad navigation to switch between different gadgets. Hit the jump to see the whole thing in action. Man, that Wii U is looking super, SUPER tempting, right?


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