In the current edition of NAG Magazine, we have a feature on upcoming Medal of Honor: Warfighter. We got to interview the head of developer Danger Close, Greg Goodrich, who became very animated when we began discussing Linkin Park’s involvement in Warfighter. The 2010 reboot of Medal of Honor featured Linkin Park’s song “The Catalyst”, but it was kind of adopted for the marketing campaign.

This time around, Linkin Park has been involved from the get-go of  development and has created “Castle of Glass” specifically for Warfighter. The music video has been developed around one of the game’s core themes: sacrifice. As for the song, well, I kind of like it despite the fact that I’m not a particularly massive Linkin Park fan.

Music video is after the jump. There’s a smidgeon of gameplay footage, but its primarily live-action stuff and is a vast improvement on the previous Medal of Honor Linkin Park mash-up. If you want more background on the band’s involvement in Warfighter then be sure to check out the October cover feature.


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